A Secret Weapon For Male Stroker

The Doc Johnson Main Squeeze The Virgin UltraSkyn Stroker provides an extra tight feeling and includes a realistic hymen to further enhance the experience. Each design of Main Squeeze Stroker has a differing internal consistency that varies up the sensation. The Doc Johnson Main Squeeze type of masturbating strokers features UltraSkyn textured sleeves encased in a difficult case that allows variable vacuum and pressure control via its ends cap and squeezable sides. The hard case offers dual end-caps that means it is convenient for storage and travel. The stroker can be completely disassembled for easy washing. The stroker measures 7.5 inches in length with a width of 3 inches.

THE PRIMARY Squeeze Masturbating Strokers are constructed with Doc Johnson's Ultraskyn life-like material that is a combination of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) components that provides the stroker a very life-like feeling. Ultraskyn TPE is normally soft, nonporous, and durable. Silicone-based lubricants are not recommended to be utilized with TPE, you need to use water-based lubricants.

The tighter the pussy is, the better and pleasurable it is, as they say! It is never surprising for males to fantasize banging with Virgin Stroker a virgin limited Cyberskin pussy. Therefore what’s the fuss? Listen to me out! I have good news for you gentlemen! Your wishes can in fact be real by checking out a brilliant tight Cyberskin stroker with a realistic hymen that can make you feel like having a real penetration with a genuine pussy! Yes, HAIL this Mainsqueeze Virgin Pocket Stroker!

It's a man masturbator which is constructed of a high-grade material with a durable hard case for easy storage with an Ultraskin technology which is gives men a super realistic feeling.

It has a strong suction feature with its adjustable foundation and has a squeezing grip handle allowing the user to regulate pleasure. And the majority of all, it includes a very realistic hymen!

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